Oknum ASN Diduga Lakukan Aborsi

A civil servant with the initials Sf who served at PSDA Soppeng Regency in 2016, is suspected of having an abortion by taking strong drugs (abortion) This was revealed by If alias Cc (41), a resident of Soppeng, who was his lover at the time. If alias CC (41) said, he insisted on having an abortion by taking abortion drugs “After taking the medicine, blood came out, after bleeding I took it to Makassar for treatment but because there was no hospital that would accept it because there was no marriage book, I went to one of the guesthouses on Jalan Pelita, that’s where the miscarriage occurred,” he said. If Thursday, 9/24/2020. “After the discharge, my fetus still had time to see it moving. As a parent of the child, I felt bad and then I left the room, leaving him alone for a moment and went to sit on his own chair,” he said. Furthermore, If alias Cc said, then he took a plastic bag and put the fetus in a plastic bag at that time we immediately went home to Soppeng. “Then after arriving at Soppeng that night our baby’s fetus was buried around 1pm in Lollo, we buried the fetus in a white plastic bag,” he added. “After I buried it I went back to the boarding house,” he said. “Before she had an abortion she asked me for an opinion and I banned her, because I was willing to take responsibility, but in the end she did it,” he said again. Asked whether he was willing to accept the legal consequences related to his actions, If said he was resigned and willing to accept all the risks due to the act committed with his lover. “I am willing and ready even though I will be imprisoned,” he said. Furthermore, If alias Cc revealed that the abortion occurred before the Siri marriage with her lover. He also revealed that the woman in question was ASN PSDA who served in Soppeng Regency in 2016 and also admitted that the abortion occurred in 2016. “It happened around 2016. And until now I know the place where the fetus was buried and I am willing to show you the place. At the time of the abortion, I estimate the age of the baby to be over 6 months,” he concluded. While the ASN person referred to by If, when he wanted to be confirmed via cellular did not pick up the phone, while in WA he only read but did not reply to the reporter’s confirmation question.