Bats live side by side with humans in the city center

Soppeng Today – Bats can be found in dark caves or dense forests. However, if you travel to Soppeng Regency, you can see a collection of nocturnal animals that roam the city center, Watansoppeng, which is the capital of Soppeng Regency.

Thousands of bats are hanging on many tamarind trees around the city center. They were in groups controlling each tamarind tree without being awkward by the passing of transitional vehicles and the busy city. Not surprisingly, Soppeng was nicknamed “The City of Kalong”.

In the afternoon, the city was enlivened with the sound of bats. They wake up and prepare to do activities at night. You will be seen flying against the setting sun.

Uniquely presented, there are no fruits in the city that are eaten by bats. In fact, the tamarind fruit whose tree is home to thousands of bats is like being touched by bats.

There is a story about Soppeng’s belief about bats that fill the heart of the city. Bats have agreed a number of years ago to the king not to involve the community including buying fruits belonging to the residents.
“This bastard already came from the first Soppeng king, Raja Latemmamala, how many years ago. From before it was said to have filled the city, when there was a king, an agreement came out between the king and the bats, “said Soppeng Regent Andi Kaswari Razak when taking tourists to the bat tree.

In the agreement, they may not take fruits around or belong to the people. Second, they may stay in the city, but only in tamarind trees.

Finally, the king asked whether there would be a disaster, disaster, or something that demanded that the people be prepared, they were expected to immediately inform the people through the signs of nature that they asked for. This last agreement is often realized with a bat protection that is at least 24 hours from the tree.

So, if this bat does not return to its tree for 1 x 24 hours, the community must be prepared, “said Andi Kaswari Razak.
In addition, migrants or tourists who like to land a bat compilation around a tamarind tree are believed to get a Soppeng match. Unfortunately, when KompasTravel visited, there were no tourists who asked for bat droppings. It was considered indeed very rare.

Until now, the agreement is still approved and held at the bat. The view can be enjoyed by the beautiful view of the “City of Kalong” along the city protocol streets which have large tamarind trees.
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